Steel Industry / Steel Plant and Rolling Mill Technique

Walther safety couplings and docking systems guarantee a quick change over of single roll segments or moulds and thus the economical production of smaller batches as well.

Walther coupling systems are known for a long life, also under extreme conditions.

For leading producers in the aluminium and steel industry, we supply couplings for various applications, e.g.

Steel Industry Mono-couplings in low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure versions beginning with nominal bore 2 mm for:

Cold rolling lines, cutting and finishing installations, compressed air at smelting furnaces, natural gas supply at belt type annealing furnaces, hydraulic lifting devices, argon injection of slab casters and the hydrostatic area at Morgoil bearings.

Multi-couplings for many special applications, e.g.:

for liquid steel transport, in thin slab casting facilities, for docking of slab casters, for roller change in roller stands and for automatic gas supply of belt type annealing furnaces.

This is only a sample of our successful applications for the aluminium and steel industry. We are quite prepared to supply expert advice on your special application needs.

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