Offshore Applications

Offshore Applications and Ship Technique

Safety in operation, dependability and economic efficiency are factors that the products have to stand up to especially in this industry. When using quick release coupling systems two further ranges of application can be differentiated:

1. Offshore Applications

As far as oil and gas platforms and subsea systems are concerned operating safety and to a large extent, maintenance - free product selection is a must. Walther couplings combine high-pressure suitability with special chemical resistance against aggressive sea water conditions in hydraulic control circuits of production, workover and intervention systems. The following products have been primarily used for many years in the application cases mentioned above:

Type 64-006

  • Mono-couplings with self lock such as
    • plug couplings
    • screw type couplings
    • ROV operated couplings

  • Coupling elements without self lock for
    • plate mounting
    • cavity mounting

  • Multi-couplings
    • manually operated
    • ROV operated

  • Possible features
    • nominal bores 4 up to 32 mm
    • working pressures up to 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI)
    • metal seals for lifetime of more than 30 years
    • pressure balanced constructions without reaction forces in connected position
    • can be connected at full working- and differential pressure
    • can be connected at angular tolerances

Apart from the usual austentic stainless steels sea water resistant bronzes, nickel-chrome alloys, nickel copper alloys, Duplex stainless steels, titanium and hastelloy are used as materials.

Field proven and standardized solutions are available for many applications. This applies for both in the shallow water and deep sea area. Adjustments with regard to the project on the basis of already proven technologies can be carried out.

2. Ship technique

Offshore Applications A quick and safe docking of ship tanks at the landsided supply and disposal lines considerably reduces docking time. E.g. for this reason high speed ferries are used more economically.

Ship aggregates military and civil used can be exchanged with ease by Walther mono- and multi-couplings. This considerably increases the availability of the system.

Test connections, hydraulic lines, cooling lines as well as rescue systems can be connected safely and fast.

Individual application specifications such as non-magnetic materials, shock resistance or leakage volume will of course be observed.

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