Walther Präzision Products

Quick coupling systems for various applications in all major industries - from automotive, machine tool, steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical technology, engine, marine, oil and gas, subsea, aviation and aerospace.

Standard couplings:

from nominal bore 2 - 50 mm (1/8" - 2"), working pressure vacuum up to 2,000 bar (30,000 PSI).
Material: brass and steels with surface treatment, stainless steel and various plastics
Valve systems:
Standard, squirt free, clean-break and pressure balanced

For pneumatic applications:
Low Pressure Series (LP, KL and UF-Series)

For hydraulic applications:
Medium and High Pressure Series (MD-, SG, HP-, and HC-Series)
Standard couplings

Special Series:
Break away safety couplings for automatic disconnection of lines at incorrect tension load

Thermal oil couplings with temperature resistance of 310°C (590° F), sealing on both sides

Steam couplings, with temperature resistance of 250° C (480° F), squirt free, to DIN 2825

Couplings with integrated proximity sensor for electrical check-back of the connected and/or disconnected condition as well as identification of the connected lines. Couplings with or without self-closing valves for direct connection to counterparts such as hose barbs and pipe sockets.

Many special designs up to nominal bore 300 for special applications on customers’ request.


Manual multi-couplings for the connection of numerous fluid and electrical lines simultaneously, force enhancement with mechanical levers. Docking systems - automatically operated multi-couplings, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric driven in:
  • push-pull technique
  • force neutral insertion technique
  • force neutral pull-in technique
  • either with or without mechanical lock

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