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Squirt-free quick release couplings

A quick release coupling is squirt-free if during connection the coupling and adaptor are already sealed against each other before valves open (see picture).

coupling unit

Most quick release couplings on the market are not squirt-free. Others are conditionally squirt-free which do not "squirt" with fluid pressure on one side only.
Walther squirt-free couplings offer more operating comfort, greater safety and improved environment-friendliness.
E.g. this means customer benefits as follows:

  • lower environmental pollution due to less fluid spillage independent of the disconnection speed. Because the coupling is squirt-free, it has only a quantifiable leakage which is already so low with the smaller bore couplings that you can eliminate the need for clean-break valves in many cases.
  • less danger with aggressive fluids (e.g. steam, hot gases and liquids, corroding liquids etc.) and fewer concerns caused by escaping gases/odours.
  • no squirting of pressurized fluids during connection and disconnection.
  • no expansion noise during connection and negligable expansion noise during disconnection.
  • very little separation force during disconnection.

LP-012 Quick couplings of LP-series, nominal bore sizes 6 mm up to 19 mm, are squirt-free to standard.

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