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On the following pages you will find information about DTFLOCK Taps / Gages.
1. Tap Materials: High Speed Steel (HSS), Carbide
2. Tap Classes, Characteristics and Specifications.

Table 1: Tap Types, Characteristics and Specifications

Types Series number Characteristics Size Range metric Size Range inch
General Purpose Tap series number R620-GPT ■ Standard shape of taps. ■ Used for nuts, through holes or blind holes. M5-M200 10-32 to 6 "- 4
Fast Spiral Fluted Tap series number R620-FST ■ Deep Holes (cutting chips going up) ■ Cutting speed 30 ~ 50% higher than standard taps. ■ Larger flutes and sharper cutting edges. Used for non-ferrous metals. M5-M200 10-32 to 6 "- 4
General Spiral Fluted Tap series number R620-GST ■ Used for ferrous metals ■ Chips going up. Used for deep holes. M5-M200 10-32 to 6 "- 4
Spiral Point Tap series number R620-SPT ■ Has a spiral point on top of the flutes. Cutting chips going down. Used for through holes. ■ Sharp cutting front with higher cutting speed. M5-M200 10-32 to 6 "- 4
Cold Forming Tap series number R620-CFT ■ Generate threads by cold forming instead of cutting. ■ Require small tolerance for the holes ■ Used for the material easy to reform. M5-M12 10-32 ~ 1/2-20
Interrupted Tooth Tap series number R620-ITT ■ Along the spiral line, the cutting teeth is missing for every other tooth. This type of tap construction can be made for every other type of taps. ■ Special material, such as aluminum, copper, titanium alloy, etc. ■ Deep holes or larger cutting torque ■ Larger pitch M5-M200 10-32 to 6 "- 4

How to order: R620-DTFLOCK series number - size - material    Example: R620-GPT-M20
Note: standard material is HSS and does not need to be called out.

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