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Maryland Metrics is celebrating its th anniversary 1971 -

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Your one-stop METRIC hardware source!

MARYLAND METRICS - offers over 1,200,000 METRIC sized items from over 900 suppliers, worldwide: Fasteners, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Measuring Tools, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings & Tubing, Oil Seals, O-rings, Bearings, Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment, Workholding Components, Metal Shapes, Plumbing Fittings, Piping & Valves, Electrical - Lamps, Fuses, Conduit Fittings & Cable. We also offer British sized (Whitworth) fasteners & tools.

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TUBTARA Blind Rivet Nuts  Page Index
Torx screws: SlimHead Hexalobular (Torx) Drive special extra low Head - Aluminum in 5 new colors
O-ring Size Listing page  Covers NBR 70, NBR 90, & FPM (Viton) o-rings [NBR = buna = nitrile]
WALTHER Präzision Hydraulic & Pneumatic quick disconnect fittings  - page index
LAPP/OLFLEX/EPIC Electrical Products Catalog Page Index.   over 700 pages of detailed information.
ZETASASSI Belt & Chain Tensioners: - 200 page catalog & index
URREA Tools (UPT):   Catalog Page Index & Pricing
Tamperproof Nuts - CANDY NUT  stainless A2 (304)
KANA (Katayama Chain Co. Ltd.) 508 page catalog + an overview of power transmission components + expanded listings
OPTIBELT V-Belts, Timing Belts, Sheaves, Pulleys & Bushings - PDF catalogs with over 26,000 items.
R467 Series Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Plumbing Fittings - 281 page catalog with prices - includes many brands not normally available in the USA.

monthsale   Maryland Metrics Monthly Featured Online Sale Item.
 150 mm/6" Electronic Calipers -- Item #: R163-7251006C New Sale Price: $27.95 (Regular price $62.90)   
Note: Due to popular demand; this sale has been extended indefinitely.


   ULTRA PRÄZISION measuring tools from Germany: Special Sale on the TOLERATOR!

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A listing of our products & services website pages.
For access to Maryland Metrics -- Products Main Menu; choose item 2.
A listing of our technical data chart website pages.

Note: During recent years many factories have had significant price increases for brass, copper and stainless steel products.
Maryland Metrics is in compliance with the 1999 Fastener Quality Act (P.L.106-34).

   Since our founding in 1971, we've been serving customers for  years from our Baltimore Maryland location.  

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You can communicate with MARYLAND METRICS via: e-mail to Maryland Metrics
Phones: (800) 638-1830 or (410) 358-3130     Faxes: (800) USA-9-FAX = [800-872-9329] or (410) 358-3142
Mail: P.O.Box 261 Owings Mills, MD 21117-0261
Mail / Physical: (warehouse.) 6119 Oakleaf Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215-3325
Hours: Phones: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday
Hours: Warehouse & Showroom: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday

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TECHNICAL DATA CHARTS (partially done) -- CONVERSION CHARTS (partially done) -- PRODUCT ORDERING INFORMATION (partially done)
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